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Sodium Battery

Sodium Battery

The project of Research and Development in Sodium Batteries is the result of the partnership among Itaipu Binacional, the Itaipu Technological Park Foundation, the Electrical Energy Research Center, with financing from the Financier of Studies and Projects, having as main goal the control of the production technology of the sodium-nickel battery. For the development of the project, some things were structured in PTI, such as labs and a team of technicians and researchers to work in the areas of electrochemistry, material, electrical and electronic, thermal and structural mechanics engineerings, aimed at battery technology. Through technology transfer mechanisms, in partnership with a Swiss lab with great experience, two prototypes of batteries have already been developed, with innovations in design and in productive processes.



The technology of the sodium-nickel battery is part of a class of batteries known as battery of fused salt. The electrolyte is a ceramic material, being its two electrodes made of nickel and sodium.


Advantages of the sodium-nickel battery

high density;

low cost of raw material;

high life cycle;

high safety level;

recyclable materials;




The technology of sodium-nickel batteries can be used in vehicles and energy storage, such as uninterrupted power systems, wind generators, sun generators and telecommunication.



Itaipu, Cepel and Financier of Studies and Projects (Finep).