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Center for Advanced Studies on Protection of Strategic Structures

Ensuring safety, protection and defense of strategic structures through research in methodological, structural and systemic solutions is the goal of CEAPE². The center's performance is based on four structural axes: Human Resources; Culture; Intelligence; and Science, Technology and Innovation.


In 2016, it was approved a Mutual Intention Protocol with the Brazilian Navy, the Brazilian Army, Itaipu and the PTI Foundation with the purpose of establishing exchange and cooperation between projects in the areas of strategic structures safety, information and communication safety, cybernetic safety, information and communication technology, energy efficiency, renewable energies, engineering, logistics, security and sustainability.


The integration with the Brazilian Army, through the System Development Center (CDS), represented an important milestone for the PTI Foundation and CEAPE². The tools presented must serve as basis for various fronts used in the areas of Territorial and Information and Communication Technology Infrastructure Development of the PTI Foundation.


The Information Security and Communication Policy, elaborated for the PTI Foundation, establishes a culture of stimulating the adoption of new safety prevention measures, systematizing the treatment of incidents and adding good practices to the applied model of risk management.


Other actions in 2016:

- 7 lectures

- 8 participations in events

- 2 software projects executed

- 3 active research grants

- 45 people trained with knowledge of safe software development

- Workshop of Safe Software Development

- Safe Software Panel

Itaipu Information Office; Brazilian Navy and Brazilian Army.