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Center for Advanced Studies on Dam Safety

The Center for Advanced Studies on Dam Safety works as a center of applied research directed to strategic solutions on Dam Safety, which help the decision-making of Itaipu's engineers. The work of the Center enables an increase in the comprehension of phenomena related to the dam and the turbines, having as consequence an increase in safety and in the dam's lifespan.


In 2016, 58 fellows took part in activities of Ceasb in the modalities scientific initiation, technological development and innovation; master's degrees and doctorates. The Center promotes the integration between the technical area and several partner universities, promoting the stimulus to scientific research, knowledge exchange and the consequent training of professionals capable of acting in the area of dam safety. In 2016, Ceasb executed 23 Research, Development and Innovation projects in Hydroelectric Power Plants, supporting the Itaipu Corporate University (UCI).



Development of new modules and tools for softwares of statistical modeling of geological / geotechnical parameters of rocks, and in several studies applied to the earthfill and rockfill dam.

- Modeling of civil, mechanical, and water and sewer structures of Itaipu.

- Expansion of the PDF3D base available to Itaipu's engineers in the technical files.

- Manuals and video manuals of assembly and disassembly, in 3D, of components of the generating units.

- Continuity of the 3D printing of excerpts of Itaipu's dam.

- Computer Numerical Simulation of the hydraulic instability phenomena of Itaipu's turbine.

- Simulation of the thermal structural effects of the dam.

- Simulation of the interaction fluid structure of the spillway chute

In 2016, it was created the virtual environment for the operation training of a Hydroelectric Power Plant called Generação em Jogo, aimed, mainly, at the general public.

In 2016, in addition to projects of statistical analyses and data integration, such as the Integrated Data Processing, Web System for the Analysis of Signal Processing and Hydrometeorological data, it was made the integration of data models with the three-dimensional representation of the power plant, in order to introduce an holistic view of the structure and help the decision-making process.

PTI Foundation; Itaipu; Itaipu Corporate University (UCI); State University of Western Paraná (Unioeste); Federal University of Paraná (UFPR); Brazilian Committee on Dams; Federal University of Bahia (UFBA); State University of Maringá (UEM); GeoKriagagem; and Geological Service of Paraná (Mineropar).