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Business Incubator

Santos Dumont Incubator and Business Condominium

Brazil is made of entrepreneurs, as well as the innovation based on new technologies is the great differential for the generation of value in people's lives. In this light, PTI's Program of Business Development acts, overall, to improve the life of the Brazilian citizen, creating and offering innovative solutions and improving his quality of life. The main acting aims at developing business opportunities and giving support to the creation and development of new companies of innovative products and services, which contributes to the generation of jobs, work and income in the territory of action of the Itaipu Technological Park.


Essentially, the activities developed are connected to partnerships with private companies already consolidated in the market and in the management of incubation processes for the creation of new startups. This way, it is possible to evaluate market trends and, specially, meet new technology demands still under development, bringing innovation for generation of value in people's lives. Promoting the growth of the innovation ecosystem in western Paraná is considered within the Program's acting scope. Awareness and training actions are also developed in order to promote science, technology and innovation focused on innovative entrepreneurship.


Target audience: entrepreneurs, businessmen, students and teachers



  • Initially with a technological profile, today, the incubator develops and supports extremely innovative projects, connected to food and biotechnology, renewable energies, electromechanics and information technology, besides being one of the 42 incubators that integrate the certifying project CERNE of good practices of incubation from Anprotec and Sebrae.
  • In the past 4 years many training actions have been carried out on the topics of entrepreneurship and innovation, reaching more than 3.000 people.
  • In the past four years, 152 ideas of businesses were submitted to the Incubator and from these 82 detailed their development through the pre-incubation process, which generated 16 new companies for the territory, and from these, 9 remained incubated.
  • All the incubator's restructuring process, developed throughout the past 4 years, allowed the opening of the first branch of the Santos Dumont Incubator in the city of Marechal Cândido Rondon, in partnership with the City Hall and the Commercial Association. It is estimated that the first companies will be incubated from 2017.
  • The agility and adapting potential of the Incubator allowed its participation and selection in the Program for the Promotion of Creative Economy, promoted by Anprotec, Samsung and the Korean Center for Creative Economics and Innovation, whose goal is to stimulate and support the development and acceleration of technology-based ventures that act in areas of interest of Samsung. In Brazil, 13 incubators integrate this program, which will run until 2019.
  • Another strategic result of the Incubator was its participation and awards in the Incubation and Impact Acceleration Program in partnership with the Institute of Corporate Citizenship, Anprotec and Sebrae, with the purpose of mobilize accelerators and incubators to draw strategies to attract, select and follow the structuring of Social Impact Businesses in their portfolio. In Brazil, 20 incubators and accelerators take part in the program, and five of them, including the Santos Dumont Incubator, were awarded.



Space destined to pre-incubation, where the students and/or professionals – with innovative ideas – are supported and advised in the planning and the constitution of their own companies. This modality effectively aims at giving consistency to the business model of the future company.



It is a space that offers managerial support, facilitating the interaction with the business, scientific, technological and financial environment, aiming at its insertion, growth and consolidation in the market.



Space for attraction and fixation of companies with potential of business generation for the maintainer, for PTI, for the incubated companies and other institutions present in the Park. The entrance to the Business Condominium is done by means of a selective process, in which the degree of innovation of the proposed product, service or process is evaluated, as well as the perspectives of interaction with the other players of the Park.


- Industrial Automation


NeoAutus develops projects and offers services in the area of architectures IoT (Internet of the Things) – Development of framework in hardware and software to acquire, store, analyze and recover information generated by monitoring of the sensor and performance in IoT environment. It also develops projects and offers services in the area of energy efficiency and production management, involving supervision, monitoring, control and operation activities based on IoT technology, in industrial plants and commercial and service sectors (Industry 4.0)

Site: (045) 4104-4140


Mobhis is an electronic engineering company focused on developing equipment with embedded systems of electronic technology and web and mobile softwares for the improvement of URBAN MOBILITY in big centers. The portfolio counts on Bike Sharing products and the Smart Parking product.

Site: (45) 3322 0523


- Energy


Esco Iguassu e Engenharia was created to meet, specifically, the demand for efficient energy management, which is a great competitive differential for companies of all operation sectors. Specialized in energy conservation services, the company has as its goals the reduction in energy costs; the productivity and competitiveness increase; the sustainable development; and the preservation of the environment.

Site: (45) 3576-7079

Simplex operates in the development sector of electronic technology, a segment in expansion and that offers great opportunity of growth in the national market. The company focuses on products based on LED, a technology that has, among other advantages, the reduction in the consumption of electricity, associating, this way, factors such as lower environmental impact and state of the art technology.

Site: (45) 4053-9029


- Management


Tradeplan CP – Specialized team in the accomplishment of process mapping and in the elaboration, documentation and implementations of management systems that enable companies to be certified by the NBR ISO 9001, NBR ISO 14001, SA 8000, OHSAS 18001, SASSMAQ and other specific standards. The company also offers team training for the implantation of quality tools, allowing the continuous improvement of processes, in addition to training Facilitators, Internal Auditor and Lead Auditor to operate on Management Systems based on the NBR ISO 9001/2000, NBR ISO 14001, SA 8000, OHSAS 18001 and SASSMAQ standards.

Site: (45) 3576-7051


Iguassu GP works with consulting, training and advising in the management of projects, programs, portfolios, product and service customization according to the clients' needs, development of technologies and support to these matters.

Contact: (45) 3576-7096


- Environment


Biofábrica Apoena is a company that produces and sells insects for animal feeding. In order to ensure the quality, all the insects are rich in protein and used for feeding ornamental animals, such as birds, fish, reptiles and spiders. OUR MISSION: guarantee excellence in our products to keep the quality of our insects and of the animals fed by them.



Ciclo Verde is a company that aims at giving the correct destination to empty agrochemical containers in Paraguay. The country faces a big problem due to the contamination of lands and rivers. Worried about the environment, Ciclo Verde emerged and added strategic partners to fulfill this function. Ciclo Verde will do the reverse logistics service of empty packages of companies that sell and manufacture such products. Through these partnerships, Ciclo collects the packages, makes the process of sorting, triple washing and crushing of the plastic, obtaining the raw material that will be exported to the factories of Brazil.


Nativa Socioambiental – Specialized in social technologies, it is a company that creates and implements programs and projects in the areas of Social and Environmental Education, Educommunication and Human and Organizational Development. The actions developed by Nativa Socioambiental value processes of local and planetary citizenship construction through a transforming educational process, which involves participatory methodologies, cooperative games, art-education and enables the development of social and environmental skills.

Site: Contato: (45) 3576-7179


Educare – We promote experiential activities where the participants can take to their everyday life more sustainable practices for the responsible use of the resources, a healthier interaction and the strengthening of the social and cultural role of the people and of the institutions. The work of Educare is permeated by a playful and human methodology, that promotes changing experiences and the critical thinking about social and environmental responsibilities of each individual and institution.

Site: (45) 3576-7054


Ambioeste has as its main activity the provision of services in the environmental area. It can be highlighted, among its services, the environmental licenses for farming activities (pig breeding, poultry and fish farming) and companies in general; the legal reserve of rural properties (SISLEG); the surveying of rural and urban areas; the projects of biodigesters and of compacted heap of manure; water granting projects; and the planning for bank financing.

Contact: (+55 45) 3254-7499


Gesund – Biomass Processors, has as its goal the development of solutions to enable the processing of distinct biomasses generated by the agriculture, animal and urban productions.



- Information Technology

B3 Informática is a dynamic company that innovates in the development of systems, with focus on web solutions and mobile devices. The goal is to provide more agility and better results in the activities of the clients, integrating and customizing the actions. In the portfolio of B3 it is possible to highlight the provision of services for the development of large-scale systems in the Outsourcing modality, which has as one of its main clients Itaipu Binacional.

Site: (45)3576-7064


Prognus – The development and implantation of free software solutions is the area of acting of Prognus Free Software. Prognus is an innovative company, with qualified and certified professionals, specialized in the development of computer programs that use free technology, besides promoting free software trainings.

Site: (45) 3576-7067


Eits is an information technology company, which through its software factory, offers services of specialist software construction, test outsourcing and graphic project of systems guiding the user's experience. As a product, Eits offers “etake”, a technological solution that makes events sustainable and interactive. Another tool is a software for the management of actives, which helps in the preventive maintenance of any kind of equipment, product designed through the experience of seven years developing systems for the maintenance and operation of Itaipu Binacional.

Site: (45)3576-7066


Rondotec – Company dedicated to the manufacturing of Internet antennae of high performance with activity monitoring. It produces closed parables in several frequencies, with shielding and gain adjustment, besides a complete system of energy management, which offers safety, efficiency and tranquility to the users. It has as focus the Internet providers and other companies that need long-range links or with high noise levels for data transmission. The goal is to offer a complete solution for wireless networks, including from the provision of equipment, to network management and control through training and consulting.

Contact: +55 (45) 3284-1743 -


Centro Maker is the first company specialized in Free Hardware for Makers in Brazil. With partnerships of development of electronic boards from China, Centro Maker exports products easily. The mail goal of Centro Maker is to disseminate its product mainly to kids who don't have acces to the Internet of Things (IoT), and adults of countries under development. Products: One Dollar Board – Hardware board that offers access to programming teaching at a low cost; Educational Programming Kits, being of 5 types: basic, Advanced IoT, Robotics Kit and 3D Printer; Programming Boards: Uno R3 and Mega 25 60 (with accessories: cables, modules, shieds, components, engines, aces, 3D printer); development boards.



AIS – Ambientes Virtuais is a startup whose competence is the development of virtual environments, augmented reality and production of personalized virtual reality glasses. These environments are implemented using graphic engines and three-dimensional modeling softwares. It meets the demands of companies who want to innovate the way to present their products or services to their clients, making them stand out, technologically, from their competitors. It offers from softwares for immersive virtual reality to glasses for such softwares.