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Itaipu's Tourist Complex

Itaipu's Tourist Complex

The PTI Foundation is responsible for the management and operation of the Itaipu Tourist Complex (CTI), Since 2007, it has been implementing, with quality and innovation, improvements to the tourist attractions and services of CTI, contributing to the increase of flow and permanence of visitors in the several attractions offered by Itaipu.

522.003 tourists in 2016

4.248.812 tourists from 2007 to 2016


Besides investing in the quality of the services offered to visitors, the financial results of the operation are destined to the Technological Fund and applied in education, technology, innovation, culture and entrepreneurship projects of the PTI Foundation. In 2016, the World Tourism Organization awarded the PTI Foundation in the Innovation in Research and Technology category, for the model of sustainable non-profit operation, concerned about the regional development. In the same year it also received the Traveler's Choice and the Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor, which awards the institutions of the tourism sector and hotel management that offer high-quality services, according to the visitor's evaluation. It was also certified with the ISO:9001 seal.


Jobs generated in 2016:

140 direct jobs

150 indirect jobs



Panoramic Visit, Special Circuit, Kattamaram, Biological Sanctuary, Lighting of the Dam, Eco-Museum, Astronomy Hub


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