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Itaipu-Health Work Group

Work Group for Integration of the Health Actions in Itaipu's Area of Influence

The group contributes to the strengthening of public policies in the triple border region, promoting actions based on the integration and on the cooperation among the neighbor countries. In a democratic space, it gathers management and health service professionals from Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina who, monthly, elaborate projects and proposals that benefit the region's population. Approximately 120 people voluntarily take part in the technical commissions of worker health and environment, indigenous health, mental health, maternal, child and teenager health, elderly health, man health, accidents and violence, endemics and epidemics and permanent education in health.


In 2016, in cooperation with partner institutions, it developed the project of the Center for Tropical Medicine of the Triple Border. The Center allows epidemiological surveillance and the early detection of the risk of transmission of emerging and reemerging diseases in the Triple Border region.


2.572 trained professionals in 2016

14.200 trained professionals from 2005 to 2016

16.748 participants in community events organized by the Work Group, from 2005 to 2016.



PTI Foundation; Itaipu; Itaiguapy Health Foundation; universities, Health Ministry, government and non-governmental organizations, United Nations Population Fund, among others.

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