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Laboratory of Automation and Simulation of Electrical Systems (Lasse)

Lasse's main mission is to meet demands in the energy area, specially tests and simulations of electrical systems and support Itaipu's technological upgrade plan with the execution of projects in Research, development and innovation (R&D+I)


These attributions promote the technological breakdown of proprietary systems and generate economy and knowledge to Itaipu, contributing with the electric sector as a whole. With the use of the Real-Time Simulation and Testing Platform (RTDS), more than 50 technical and technological services have already been performed for Itaipu and for the Electric Sector.


The technological base of LASSE is specialized in tests and examination of the dynamic performance of equipment and systems associated with the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity.


In the area of Automation of Digital Systems, LASSE develops customized equipment and solutions for the clients' needs and with the industrial standards demanded by the market. One example is the Disturbance and Phasor Measurement Recorder, equipment installed in the generating units 14 and 15 of the Itaipu Power Plant. It follows in real time the operation of the plant and its variations, allowing an occurrence analysis and the anticipation of actions that limit these disturbances in a coordinate and selective way.

Itaipu, Itai, Lactec Institutes, Unioeste, Unila, University of São Paulo (USP), Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC).