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innovation and businesses





The Casimiro Montenegro Filho Astronomy Hub develops activities aiming at education, research and tourism
The actions of the Santos Dumont Incubator and of the Business Condominium aim at disseminating the entrepreneurial culture
The Center for Advanced Studies on Protection of Strategic Structures aims at guaranteeing safety through searching methodological, structural and systemic solutions
The Center for Advanced Studies on Dam Safety works as a center of applied research directed to strategic solutions in Dam Safety
The International Renewable Energy Center – Biogas executes projects emphasizing the promotion of sustainable development of the biogas chain
It helps students from public schools in Foz do Iguaçu have access to college education
A Escola Internacional Para Sustentabilidade é uma parceria entre Itaipu e PTI para o conhecimento sobre conceitos, experiências e ações socioambientais da usina
It makes available educational softwares and pedagogical resources, encouraging the use of technological tools in the classroom
The Work Group for Integration of the Health Actions in Itaipu's Area of Influence involves health professionals from Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina
The PTI Foundation is responsible for the management and operation of Itaipu's Tourist Complex, that offers seven tourist attractions; the financial results are destined to the Technological Fund
The Laboratory of Automation and Simulation of Electrical Systems is focused on meeting the demands of the energy area
It provides training and the inclusion of the hearing-impaired in the job market
The Municipal Technology Center promotes trainings for the pedagogical use of the information and communication technologies in the pedagogical practices
The Hydrogen Research Center performs studies about the use of hydrogen as an energy vector, through the Hydrogen Production Plant
Get to know the specializations, master's degrees and doctorates offered in partnership with universities from all over the country
Handcraft techniques workshops; drawing and painting; storytelling; besides short-term technical courses
A space to popularize, disseminate and strengthen the scientific culture through investigative practices for teaching sciences
The researches on nickel chloride and sodium batteries aim at mastering the scientific and technological processes in order to enable the future national production of the battery
The space seeks to rescue the history of thousand of workers who built Itaipu power plant
It trains youngsters from 16 to 24 years old, preparing them for the job market in the tourism sector
PTI has three higher education institutions installed in its space: Unioeste, Unila and UAB
It works in training for social and professional insertion of teenagers and youngsters in social vulnerability situation
It raises awareness about the responsible use and promotes knowledge symmetry for the integrated management of water resources
The West Developing Program encourages actions capable of increasing the competitiveness in the territory