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Since 2011, PTI has brought to the west region of Paraná post-graduation courses that meet specific demands of the place. The master and doctorate programs have the research as their base, generating knowledge, innovation and development. The courses are interdisciplinary, allowing the participation of professionals from associated areas, enabling the entry of a greater number of interested people and the formation of multidisciplinary surveys. In partnership with public and private universities, the courses qualify researchers and generate expertise for advancements in studies to solve local needs. The courses also permit the integration between professionals and teachers, who share perceptions and experiences, helping in the identification of local potentialities, in the structuring of projects and new partnerships.



Interinstitutional Doctorate in Electrical Engineering, in partnership with USP – São Carlos

Interinstitutional Doctorate in International Relations, in partnership with Unila, Itaipu and PUC – Rio de Janeiro

Interinstitutional Doctorate in Regional Development and Agribusiness, in partnership with Unioeste – Toledo

Professional Master in Technologies, Management and Sustainability, in partnership with Unioeste

Master in informatics, in partnership with UFPR

Specialization in Numerical Methods, in partnership with UFPR