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Professional Workshops

Professional Workshops


Since 2015, PTI supports the structuring of the Association A Kick for the Future, which promotes the social, moral and personal development of children, teenagers and their families, through the insertion in activities and in pedagogical, leisure and professionalization environments. PTI offers handcraft workshops; storytelling, drawing and painting.


250 children and teenagers attended in 2016

263 hours of workshops in 2016

Seeking to promote social productive inclusion and income generation, through Ñandeva it is also offered handcraft techniques workshops for youngsters and adults from Foz do Iguaçu.


21 workshops organized in 2016

367 participants in the workshops

The students and scholarship holders from PTI's universities and centers are stimulated to share the knowledge developed in the PTI environment. In 2016, short-term technical courses were offered. Through this activity, they experience the introduction to teaching practice and can give back to the community the training opportunity they had. In 2016, students from Unioeste offered two groups of a Basic Course in Machining, that had 74 participants. Also, workers for the PTI Foundation offered a Solidwork Course, with 24 participants. As scholarship holders or volunteers, the students can also follow and contribute with the research made by PTI's Centers, preparing themselves for the job market.