Itaipu Technological Park

Itaipu Technological Park

Until 2003, Itaipu Binacional’s mission was aimed at “generation quality electric energy, through social and environmental responsibility”. Since then, this commitment was broadened in order to also boost economical, touristic, technological and sustainable development in Brazil and Paraguay. Itaipu Technological Park (PTI) was created by Itaipu as a product of the power plant’s expansion, functioning as the right arm to transform the region through research and development of sustainable technologies.


In order to facilitate such mission, PTI promotes the union of companies, research centers, laboratories and teaching institutions. The country is the one to gain from this, achieving a prominent place in the Western region of Paraná, through projects and studies that develop and transform the local reality.

Created in 2003, PTI emerged from the mission enlargement of Itaipu Binacional: “Generating quality electricity, with social and environmental responsibility, boosting the sustainable economical, tourist and technological development, in Brazil and in Paraguay”. In partnership with the Institute of Applied Technology and Innovation (Itai) and the State University of Western Paraná (Unioeste), Itaipu articulated the implantation of an appropriate environment for the technological development. In this context, PTI is characterized as a strategic space for reaching the development proposed by Itaipu in the region and is positioned in the west territory of Paraná as one of the environments that promote innovation.

"Promoting the sustainable territorial development through education, science, technology, innovation, culture and entrepreneurship.".
"Making the Itaipu Technological Park known, up to 2020, as a reference in the promotion of sustainable territorial development".
Ethical Principles
Respect; Cooperation; Integration; Solidarity; Equity; Transparency; Honesty; Commitment.
Strategic Goals
  • Promoting the scientific and technological development and the innovation of Itaipu's and the territory's interest;
  • Contributing to competence training, technical qualification and appreciation of the human being in the territory;
  • Promoting actions that contribute to the social, cultural and environmental development in the territory;
  • Contributing to the strengthening of productive activities in the territory;
  • Improving, continuously, the management of the PTI Foundation – Brazil, in order to add value to its goals;
  • Guaranteeing the economic and financial balance of the PTI Foundation.
Territory of Action
The PTI Foundation executes actions for the Territorial Development in 54 cities of Paraná's west region, grouped by the Association of Municipalities of the Western Region of Paraná (AMOP) and by the Coordination of Commercial and Business Associations of the West of Paraná (CACIOPAR).

In the organizational structure, conceived by the PTI Foundation, the board of directors, functional areas and advisories are aimed at the joint support for projects developed in the Park. The administration bodies that form the base of the organizational structure are: Board of Trustees, Supervisory Board and Board of Directors.
Board of Trustees
The Board of Trustees deliberate on all the subjects regarding the statute and the strategic planning of the PTI Foundation. Structure in 2016:
Full Members
Jorge Habib Hanna El Khouri (Itaipu)
Daniel de Andrade Ribeiro (Itaipu)
David Rodrigues Krug (Itaipu)
Newton Brião Marques (Itaipu)
Orestes Hotz (Sebrae)
Nelson de Castro Neto (IFPR)
Ney Patrício da Costa (Public Sector)
Augusto Cesar Stein (Sebrae)
Celso Ribeiro Novais (Itaipu)
Joanne Candida Pereira (Itaipu)
Roseli Bernadete Dahlem (IFPR)
Osli de Souza Machado (Public Sector)
Supervisory Board
The Supervisory Board deliberates on accounting matters related to the PTI Foundation. Structure in 2018:
Full Members
Marcos Paulo Bonamigo (Itaipu)
Rodrigo Augusto Kuziak (Itaipu)
João Carlos Zanatta (Itaipu)
Alberto Dias Viana (Itaipu)
Caio Nór Güttler (Itaipu)
Board of Directors
The Board of Directors directs the strategic actions of the PTI Foundation, through the application of its statute and its normative basis. Structure in 2018:

Jorge Augusto Callado Afonso - Superintendent Director

Claudio Issamy Osako - Technical Director

João Biral Junior - Administrative and Financial Director


Atendimento no Bloco 10, das 8h às 12h e das 13h às 17h. Contato: 3576-2115.
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Agência Itaú no Bloco 3, espaço 1. Atendimento das 10h às 15h. Contato: 3526-1263. Caixa eletrônico da Caixa Econômica Federal no Bloco 4.
Atendimento de segunda a sexta-feira
Agência dos Correios
No Bloco 3, espaço 1. Atendimento de segunda a sexta-feira, das 9h às 11h30 e 12h45 às 16h30. Contato: 3522-3908.

The scheduling of visits must be done via e-mail, at the address: The message must include the following information:
  • Date of visit;
  • Time of visit;
  • Institution;
  • Number of people;
  • Full name of the organizer;
  • Contact of the organizer (cell phone with long distance call prefix)
  • Name of the Project/Program of interest (in case there is one);
  • Brief goal of the visit.

The authorization of the visit will be performed according to the availability of date and time. The tour lasts from 1h30 to 2 hours. The visit will be followed by a monitor or, in case of technical visit, by a specialized representative of the theme of interest. In order to know the portfolio of programs and projects of PTI, click here. The visitors' service happens from Monday to Friday, from 08h am to 12h pm and from 02h pm to 06h pm.

Ozires Silva Award in the category “Social or Civic Medium Company” 2012
Innova World Award of Social Innovation 2013 – Project Water: Knowledge for Management
Ozires Silva Award of entrepreneurship in education 2014 – Project Water: Knowledge for Management