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Space of the Builder of Dams

Space of the Builder of Dams

The history of thousand of workers who built Itaipu power plant is told at the Space of the Builder of Dams, project developed in a partnership between Itaipu and PTI. It is a place that aims at recovering, preserving, valuing and spreading the memory of these workers. PTI is installed in the old accommodations of the builders and, in order to honor them, it has preserved one of their environments: the Space of the Builder of Dams headquarters, that already has four rooms open to the public:


Contextualization Room

In the Contextualization Room, the visitor can follow important facts that happened in Itaipu, in Brazil and in the world during that period, through a three-minute video. The walls of this room are covered with the main newspapers headlines and reports of Itaipu's construction period (from 1977 to 1982). Some of the main magazines of the time are available in this room, for the visitor's reading and handling.


Arts Room

In the Arts Room the visitor can observe, in details, the walls with graffiti made by a builder of dams, born in Paraguay, who lived in the accommodations from 1977 and 1988. A panel shows some old pictures that recall the artistic facts in the power plant's building site. Also in this room, the visitor can know some of the poems and lyrics written by builders, during the period of the construction.


Builder of Dams Bedroom

Reconstituted with original furniture, blankets and objects of the period of the construction, that fulfill the role of offering elements in order to make the visitor acquainted with the life of the workers in the accommodations.



Stories of the builders of dams told by them, in documented interviews.



Special or technical visits can be scheduled via e-mail: or by phone: (45) 3576-7151/ 7152 / 7153