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Universities installed in PTI

PTI has three higher education institutions installed in its space: the Center of Engineering and Exact Sciences (CECE) from the State University of Western Paraná (Unioeste); Darcy Ribeiro Classrooms from the Open University of Brazil (UAB); and some of the courses from the Federal University of Latin American Integration (Unila).



Unioeste was one of the main boosters of the creation of PTI and the first higher education institution installed in the Park, with its Center of Engineering and Exact Sciences (CECE), which has the undergraduate courses of Computer Sciences, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics and also the Master's Program in Engineering of Dynamic and Energetic Systems. In PTI, the students have the opportunity to interact with professionals from Itaipu and participate in projects of Research and Development, promoted by the PTI Foundation and partners.

Created in 2010, Unila has as its institutional mission to form human resources able to contribute to the Latin American integration, the regional development and the cultural, scientific and educational exchange of Latin America and the Caribbean. Part of the university courses are installed in PTI. In the year 2016, PTI hosted 18 undergraduate courses and 4 master programs from Unila. The university gathers teachers from 15 countries, with representatives from Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Students from 17 countries: Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Equator, Colombia, Venezuela, El Salvador, Haiti, Costa Rica, Panama, Dominican Republic and Guatemala.


Students enrolled in 2016 – 3.013, being 1.724 students in the PTI campus

Students graduated from Unila in 2016 – 260

The UAB system is a program of the Ministry of Education (MEC) that seeks to expand and interiorize the offer of undergraduate and lato sensu specialization courses, through distance education. Attending a public notice releases in 2007, PTI, in partnership with Foz do Iguaçu City Hall, started hosting one of the 291 hubs of classrooms of the UAB system, expanding the region's offer of public higher education courses. In 2016, UAB had 2 post-high-school courses, 3 undergraduate courses and 5 specializations, offered by eight federal and state institutions.


465 active vacancies in 2016

251 students graduated from UAB in 2016, being 52 from undergraduate courses and 199 students from post-graduation courses

2.584 graduated students since UAB was opened in PTI


In 2016, UAB had courses offered by the following institutions: Federal University of Paraná, Federal University of Santa Catarina, Federal Institute of Santa Catarina, Federal Technological University of Paraná, Federal University of Santa Maria, State University of Maringá, State University of Central-West and Federal University of Itajubá – MG.