Entrepreneurs supported by PTI develop solutions to support the paranaense industry

Apresentacao ProgramaInovacaoCorporativa
Apresentacao ProgramaInovacaoCorporativa

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The Itaipu Technology Park (PTI-BR) received 57 demands from medium and large companies in Paraná with issues that need to be resolved to improve competitiveness and, consequently, generate development for the state.

On Monday, 05, in a new stage of the Corporate Innovation Program, for which the proposals were sent, the Technology Park began a process of training 60 possible solutions for these companies – among which are small companies, startups and new entrepreneurs.

Almost 100 innovative solutions projects were received, among which a panel of experts selected 60, who now participate in a pre-incubation, lasting two months. At this stage, entrepreneurs receive a grant of R$ 1.2 thousand per month to support the validation of the idea and accompany workshops and individual mentorships to prepare their solutions for the market.

Last Friday, 01, the participants of the pre-incubation of the Corporate Innovation Program were presented to the operation of this phase of the initiative by the Coordinator of the Santos Dumont incubator of the PTI, Pedro Sella, and by The Business Analyst Wilmar Júnior, in an online event. In all, there will be 12 workshops, with topics such as culture and business; innovation and costs; business definitions; and business operation.

The Coordinator of the incubator explained that the program was developed in partnership with Fundação Araucária in order to develop technology suppliers, aiming at attracting and retaining talent, in favor of increasing the competitiveness of the regional industry and the development of the regional economy.

The development of the solutions will involve the companies and industries that registered the demands, both in technical support and in the validation of the projects, which at the end of the pre-incubation stage will be again submitted to a panel of evaluators. In this next selection, 13 projects will be chosen, which in 2021 will be formalized as companies and incubated in the Technology Park, with the aid of R$ 32 thousand for the development of solutions.

” The goal of the incubator is to help and induce you to a business development process, ” Pedro said. “The entire PTI team will be with you to give the necessary support,” he added.

Corporate Innovation Program

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the notice of the Corporate Innovation Program, which integrates the actions of Acelera Foz, underwent a restructuring in May this year. In addition to combining the demands of companies with solutions projects of entrepreneurs, a new line was created for “measures to combat the economic effects of Covid-19”. In this axis, projects aimed at helping the economic recovery of five companies were selected, which will receive investments of up to R R 100 thousand for Acceleration. On October 15th there will be the ceremony for formalization of contracts with companies.


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