Monitoring of Vila a Inteligente technologies will be done from the acoustic shell of the Gramadão


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The Operations Control Center (CCO) of the technologies that will be installed by the Vila a Inteligente program already has a predefined place of operation: the acoustic shell of the Itaipu Gramadão. There the information of all equipment will be monitored and integrated with other systems, ensuring residents and visitors to the neighborhood greater sense of security and greater agility in day-to-day activities.

This improvement in the quality of life of citizens is what motivates the initiative that will make Vila a the first smart public neighborhood in the country. The project brings together the Itaipu Technology Park (PTI-BR), The Brazilian agency for Industrial Development (ABDI), Itaipu Binacional and the Foz do Iguaçu City Hall.

The installation of the CCO in the acoustic shell was one of the themes of the first meeting of the Management Committee of Vila a Inteligente, held last Wednesday, 7, in a virtual way. From this month, Gramadão goes through a revitalization process administered by Itaipu, with a forecast of completion in ten months. The terrain will be forbidden for the agility of the work.

In this time interval, the first technologies planned for Vila a Inteligente have already been installed: traffic lights, bus stops and intelligent public lighting; and cameras with facial recognition and license plates. These equipment will be implemented in the next two months.

Performance of the committee

The installation of the first Smart City Solutions received the approval of the Management Committee. The group includes representatives of PTI-BR, City Hall, Commercial Association of Foz do Iguaçu and the Association of residents of Vila A.

The committee is responsible for strategic decisions on the project, such as the definition of priority themes for the neighborhood and the technologies to be implemented, as well as the monitoring and evaluation of ongoing actions.

At the first meeting, the chairman of the Committee, who will be the technical director of the Technology Park, Rafael José Deitos, and the secretary of the group, a position for which the PTI business analyst, Rodrigo Luiz Cardoso, will be responsible.

From then on, the Steering Committee should meet every month to make decisions on the pilot project, as provided by the decree of the city council that instituted in the village a sandbox, that is, a space for demonstration and validation of technologies that can be used by companies from all over the country.

According to Rafael Deitos, the committee has as one of its tasks to be a mechanism to stimulate innovation, enabling strategies that are attractive to entrepreneurs. It lists the reduction of costs and deadlines for the development of products and services, as an example.


On Thursday, 8, the Vila a Inteligente program also started a regulatory process, with the support of a consultancy specializing in Smart Cities. The intention is that the model implemented in the neighborhood of Foz do Iguaçu can be replicated in other cities throughout the country.


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