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International School of Sustainability

The International School of Sustainability (EIS) is an educational initiative resulting from a partnership between Itaipu Binacional and Parque Tecnológico Itaipu (PTI-BR). This initiative aims to offer, in a didactic way, an exchange of knowledge about concepts, experiences and socio-environmental actions that have been carried out by Itaipu Binacional in its territory of influence, during its 40-year trajectory, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Based on these socio-environmental practices, EIS intends to share methodologies and results, as well as to promote a systemic view of the territory and its management and mobilization processes focusing on sustainable activities. Thus, with this course on Management for Territorial Sustainability, EIS contributes to the expansion of knowledge networks on sustainable management. Available through the Distance Learning system (online), this course is virtual and self-instructional.


Parque Tecnológico Itaipu was responsible for structuring the course, by developing methodologies, techniques and audiovisual resources that are used in the teaching-learning processes. The course's learning trail consists also of many supplementary resources, which are also available to the entire community, distributed through videos on Youtube and podcasts on Spotify.


The International School for Sustainability (EIS) staff are also available for guidance via e-mail: and by phone/WhatsApp: +55 45 99121-4862.




The classes of the Management Course for Territorial Sustainability 2020 (Portuguese) are closed.


Soon information about the 2021 classes.


Registration for Spanish and English classes remains open:


Spanish: sign up by clicking here! (


English: sign up by clicking here! (



ATTENTION: When the maximum number of students per class is reached, new subscribers will be relocated to the next one and will receive an announcement in their email.

The candidate must necessarily meet the minimum technical requirements to take the distance learning course, such as:


• Access to a computer system;
• Latest version of internet browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.);
• Office suite like Microsoft Office 2013 or later (Word, Excel and Power Point), or similar;
• PDF reader software;
• Media player software for playing video files;
• Broadband internet access with at least 2 Mbps download speed;
• Email account;
• Basic knowledge of using the internet.


PTI will not be responsible for any problems arising from the incompatibility of the systems used to access the Virtual Learning Environment.

In the pedagogical material, available in Moodle, you will find:
Presentation and opening - Introduction and preface;
Contextualization about the objective of the courses;
Presentation of the modules.

In the participant manual you will find:
Platform presentation;
Evaluation system;
Communication channel with technical team.